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About ONE

Energy Advisory: Where challenge meets opportunity

4.5+ GW

Signed deals

5+ GW

In mandates





Company Description

About Us

Our New Energy (ONE) is an international energy services house. We help enable and accelerate the green energy transition by leveraging our market knowledge and capabilities to provide tailor-made services targeting renewable producers, asset owners, industrial offtakers, and energy suppliers.

We connect generators, consumers, and investors, simplifying and demystifying market conditions for new and established players in the energy industry.

Our New Energy has been an active market participant since the inception of market parity PPAs. We currently work with investment funds, private equity firms, independent power producers (IPPs), renewable developers, asset managers, energy traders, energy service companies (ESCOs), mid-size utilities, and energy-intensive industries.

Today, we have mandates in several countries, giving us a unique insight into current market opportunities, developments, and trends. Coupled with our extensive industry knowledge, this allows us to deliver market-leading innovative and bespoke solutions to our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our Story

Founded in 2016, Our New Energy has been at the forefront of the development of PPAs for unsubsidised assets.

We signed the first PPA for a utility-scale ground-mounted unsubsidised renewable asset in Europe in 2017. The same year, we signed the 1st Market parity PPA in Spain.

In 2018, Our New Energy supported on more than 1GW of market-parity renewable PPAs.
That same year, Our New Energy helped sign the world’s largest private solar PPA (708 MW in Iberia), the largest single PV plant in Europe (220MW in Portugal), and the first 10 years fixed price PPA in Italy for a 20MW PV plant.
Since our very beginning, Our New Energy has continued to break records and push market norms, and we are proud to have advised several of the most successful companies in this transition. 

We are looking forward to maintaining our position at the forefront of innovation and consistently setting new standards.

How We Operate

One of the things that makes us stand out is our efficient process, focused on value-creating elements in our negotiations.
We know the green transition is dependent on favourable market terms, and we believe that innovation is needed on all fronts, including structuring and designing PPAs.

Our creativity and drive to aid the transformation of the energy system stems from our in-depth understanding of the energy market and extensive experience, coupled with a deep-seated passion for our work.

As numerous new actors are entering the long-term PPA market with limited experience, and existing market participants need to understand and absorb new risks, we enable our clients to make the most of these new opportunities.
While generators and investors may be able to gather term sheets and negotiate a PPA, they might not know if they have agreed to terms that are in line with market standards, or ideally, better.

Because offtakers often have limited experience in negotiating long-term PPAs, Our New Energy can utilise our experience to identify win-win situations that the offtaker were not aware of.

Our core service is PPA transaction advisory and origination, consisting of three steps:

1. Finding the optimal PPA structure for our client. Only through an understanding of our client’s needs and capabilities can we assist in finding the optimal PPA structure that suits the client.

2. Finding the right offtaker. At times, only a few select energy buyers might offer the most favourable PPA for our clients. By focusing on approaching these particular buyers, we ensure a smooth and efficient process that maximises the likelihood of success. This approach helps our clients save time and effort while securing the best possible outcome for their business.

3. Finally, negotiating and closing the PPA. It is our goal that our clients get the best possible deal. Therefore, we ensure that all options are quantified and risks are efficiently allocated.

Throughout our work, we draw on our experience, including having structured and executed +4.5 GW of market parity PPAs across Europe in a variety of structures, offtakers, financing structures, and geographies.

Execution track-record

ONE has signed +4.5GW of PPAs for unsubsidised assets making us the most experienced PPA team in Europe. This creates a very strong foundation for assisting our current and future clients.


We are independent – i.e. not owned by any other market participants, be it utilities or developers/investors, this giving us the privilege to act neutral. Through our independence we can collaborate with different investor profiles and have a good working relationship with all relevant off-takers.


ONE ensures that our clients are at the spearhead of the transition. The energy transition is moving quickly, and the momentum is growing. Consequently, ambitious market participants cannot afford losing time. At the same time the lack of experience in the market means that a lot of efforts are wasted so by knowing what can be offered by whom we can ensure a smooth and targeted as well as speedy approach whilst maintaining high transaction security.

It all began with PPAs


Our New Energy is an independent international energy services house founded back in 2016. We support the energy sector by leveraging on our market knowledge and capabilities with the aim of providing tailor-made services targeting the renewable investments value-chain.


Our New Energy has been at the forefront of the development of PPAs for unsubsidised assets signing the first PPA for a utility-scale ground-mounted unsubsidised renewable asset in Europe in 2017.

image description1st PPA for a unsubsidised renewable asset in Europe

image description1st Market parity PPA in Spain


Once the idea of PPA projects started to spread, a series of PPAs were signed in 2018. Our New Energy supported the generation side on more than 1GW of market-parity renewable PPAs in 2018.

Special milestones for Our New Energy were the signing of the world largest private solar PPA (708 MW in Iberia), the largest single PV plant in Europe (220MW in Portugal) and the first 10 years fixed price PPA in Italy for a 20MW PV plant.

image description

1st 10 year fix price PPA in Italy.



Special milestone for Our New Energy was the signing of the first corporate PPA directly between an industrial end-user and a renewable energy producer in Spain. This represents a first of its kind in a model that will follow and grow in the years to come.

image description

1st market-parity corporate PPA in southern Europe.



Our New Energy reaches the signing of 2.5+ GW of market-parity renewable PPAs, Onboarding first Hybrid Project including P2X.

image description

World largest PPA for unsubsidised onshore wind project.



Our New Energy reaches the signing of 3.0+ GW.

image description

Largest stand-alone storage in Belgium.



Our New Energy surpasses 4.5 GW of executed PPAs

image description

First PPA signed in Cyprus.


The Team

Miguel Marroquin


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  • Phone +34 661 856 650
  • Language Spanish, English, French

Nikolaus Brost


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Dario Gallanti


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Mikkel Kring


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Jakob Bendixen


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Imre Vass


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  • Language German, Hungarian, English

Philipp Köhler

Lead Corporate PPA Expert

  • Email pko@ournewenergy.com
  • Phone +49 151 155 143 322
  • Language German, English

Kristijonas Bukevicius

Business Development Manager

  • Email kbu@ournewenergy.com
  • Phone +370 618 05 823
  • Language Lithuanian, English

Rasmus Degn Hansen

Senior Advisor

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Anders Miche


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Laura Susta


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Simon Nørgaard


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Sofia Ubaldini


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  • Language Italian, English, French

Thomas S. Weile


  • Email tsw@ournewenergy.com
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  • Language Danish, English

Piotr Raczkowski

PPA Transaction Advisor

  • Email pra@ournewenergy.com
  • Phone +48 517 577 550
  • Language Polish, English

María Santana

Quantitative & AI Analyst

  • Email msc@ournewenergy.com
  • Phone +34 673 51 26 78
  • Language Spanish, English

Jorge Puy


  • Email jpy@ournewenergy.com
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  • Language English, Spanish

Kamilla M. Jakobsen

Communications Consultant

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  • Language Danish, English

Christoffer Borges

Student Analyst

  • Email cab@ournewenergy.com
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Nina Thornton

Student Analyst

  • Email nit@ournewenergy.com
  • Phone +45 55 25 40 02
  • Language Dutch, German, English

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