Ambitious Consultant for leading PPA transaction firm

Full-time, expected incorporation as soon as possible.

Ambitious Consultant for leading PPA transaction firm

Company and Job description

The world needs more renewable energy, and ONE is committed to facilitating this growth. ONE is the leading PPA transaction advisory firm on market parity renewables: We assist developers and investors in renewable energy in navigating the rapidly evolving energy market by providing clear and competent advisory services by offering result oriented and tangible real-life solutions (and not merely power point presentations and ideas). Our clients are always at the foremost of efforts and our clients expect us to deliver excellent work at all times.

As we navigate through the transition to a world that will run increasingly on renewable energy, our business is continuously evolving, and we strive and need to be at the forefront of innovation.

Hence, if you are seeking a youthful and dynamic environment alongside experienced colleagues with a strong drive and a mission to make an impact, then Our New Energy might be the right place for you.

Work Tasks

We are looking for a highly driven and business-oriented person to join our team and expand our reach even further. A few examples of your responsibilities:

  • Research and Analysis: Conduct research and analysis ensuring that we stay at the forefront of innovation.
  • Business Support: assist in client dialogs and prepare client and conference presentations ensuring a coherent and world class communication.
  • Administrative Support: structuring of data, reporting, invoicing, etc. ensuring that we can efficiently scale our business.
  • Support our communications. Make sure that our accomplishments and ideas are communicated efficiently with the aim of generating further opportunities.
  • Foster a fantastic atmosphere within the team, one that’s both charged with ambition and urgency to excel in what we do. More generally, be a paragon of our values.

What We Are Looking For

Above all we are looking for a colleague with the right personal match. We expect the successful candidate to have a strong background in a quantitative (technical and/or finance) background. Meaningful experience or contact with the energy markets and/or renewables industry are a plus. We expect you to be:

  • Business and data driven: At ONE we are entrepreneurs at heart and we support decisions based on numbers. You must have a passion for seeing the results of your work, and love the idea of leveraging data to determine what works and what does not.
  • Resilient and precise: You are energetic, pay attention to detail and can work under pressure and persevere through adversity until the job is done—and done well. Client is king at ONE, no question asked. Do not count the hours but we make the hours count.
  • Passionate: You live and breathe sustainability and the ambition to change the world. The idea of impacting the sector with your new ideas and concepts is an absolute thrill.
  • Multilingual: If you can understand questa frase senza usare un traduttore, estás más cerca.
  • Creative: You are inventive and a natural out-of-the-box thinker, coming up with all sorts of new, catchy concepts for your work. Not only diplomas or logos on your CV: show us what makes you unique.
  • Neat: Can you keep your desk clean with notes and memos? We certainly cannot but we expect you to be able to organize information in a structured manner and work at several levels of details.
  • Humble: You are eager to help and contribute to the team, at times sharing the ‘not so fun’ tasks. You are open to feedback and truly value others’ opinions.

What We Offer

  • Impact: We have contributed to 2,5 Billion Euros of new renewables investments reaching the market (in the last two years alone).
  • Top of the class team: You will be surrounded by an unparalleled level of talents and expertise in energy markets in the highly specialised energy financial and sustainability business.
  • Diversity: Boredom doesn’t happen here. In ever-changing renewables investment strategies, you will most likely never experience a monotonous day and you will never know what to expect from the energy market when you clock in.
  • International reach: Expanding from our core markets in Europe, we are present all over the world so you will have the opportunity to work on very different markets. We expect you to be able to quickly adapt to negotiation habits from all over the world.
  • Fun. Since you spend most of your waking hours at work: it is essential that work is fun and your colleagues your friends. That is why we celebrate our success, arrange social events and communicate freely about work and non-work topics to ensure a strong communal team feeling


Our New Energy is a modern workplace with a flat organisational structure with a main office in Alicante (Spain) and small satellite offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Århus, Copenhagen and Milan.

During the induction period (expected 6 months) you should sit most of the time besides an experienced colleague to learn about the company, its business, the industry and the processes. Once familiar with the company and our way of doing business expect a certain amount of travel and flexible working conditions in and out of the office.

Reach out to and impress us. We will then set-up a quarantine-proof videoconference in the following days.